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This is why Chinese Garments with Fur should NOT be purchased.. [Shocking Video Footage Warning]

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Greenpeace Ignores Tibet’s Nuclear Poisoning

The world’s most high profile environmental organization, with a network of international offices and serious resources at its disposal is investing considerable time, effort, thought and finances into developing its … Continue reading

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Beijing+20 Meeting Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations

Originally posted on tibettruth:
Ms Cai Yiping Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations. Image:ips.org Only within the self-serving, delusional double-think of the United Nations would you witness a former journalist linked…

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Japan – They are doing what in Fukushima?

They are doing what in Fukushima? Private labor contractors in Japan are “recruiting” homeless men and men to work in the disaster area of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant, … Continue reading

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Lt. General Tang Xiao China’s Newly Promoted Psychopath In Tibet

Originally posted on tibettruth:
Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

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Jetstar Airlines Becomes Even More Stingy – Cutting Baggage Allowance by 30% & $160 extra if over – Boycott Worthy?

Budget airline Jetstar has cut the weight of its carry-on baggage allowance from 10 kilos per person to 7 kilos per person effective Tuesday 25 November. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s salary … Continue reading

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Japanese company unveils red wine for cats….

Cats have been working on us humans for years now, using the internet to their advantage and doing whatever it takes to look adorable. And now it seems they’ve taken a … Continue reading

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